Palliative Care New Approaches Conference (SHSCT)

To mark Palliative Care week (3rd-8th October) the Southern Health and Social Care Trust hosted a conference ‘Palliative Care: New Approaches’ to explore how services can be improved for patients and their families.

The conference was organised in conjunction with the All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care and speakers included renowned academics - Professor Allan Kellehear, Professor of End of Life Care at University of Bradford and Professor Charles Normand, Edward Kennedy Professor of Health Policy and Management at Trinity College Dublin.

Mr Andrew Dougal, chair of the Public Health Agency, provided an context for the day 

Mr Paul Turley and Mrs Corrina Grimes from the HSCB and the PHA, provided an overview of the Northern Ireland Regional Palliative Care Programme

Professor Allan Kellehear presented on Public Health Approaches to End of Life Care 

Professor Charles Normand discussed the evidence on the cost and cost effectiveness of palliative care

Mrs Eileen Wright, member of the Palliative Care Patient Experience Group, provided an overview of her personal experience of palliative care and supporting family members living with non-curative illness

Mrs Karen Charnley provided an overview of the work of All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care


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