Role Delineation Framework for Adult Palliative Care Services

The aim of this framework is to provide a consistent language and set of descriptors that healthcare providers and planners can use when describing palliative care services and use as a tool when planning service development. It is one of a suite of documents and resources developed by the Programme to support palliative care service providers, e.g. the Palliative Care Competence Framework, the Palliative Care Needs Assessment Guidance document and education module, the Specialist Palliative Care Referral Form and Eligibility Criteria and the Palliative Care Glossary of Terms all available from the programme website

The Programme collaborates closely with the HSE Primary Care Division, service providers and other stakeholders in the development of and in supporting implementation of tools and resources.

Link to Framework: Role Delineation Framework for Adult Palliative Care Services

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