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Mothers' perspectives of the experience and impact of caring for their child with a life‐limiting neurodevelopmental disability (2018)

Authors: Courtney, E., Kiernan, G., Guerin, S., Ryan, K., and McQuillan, R.

Key components of knowledge transfer and exchange in health services research: Findings from a systematic scoping review (2018)

Authors: Prihodova, L., Guerin, S., Tunney, C., and Kernohan, W.G.

Inadequate Communication Exacerbates the Support Needs of Current and Bereaved Caregivers in Advanced Heart Failure and Impedes Shared Decision-making (2018)

Authors: Fitzsimons, D., Doherty, L.C., Murphy, M., Dixon, L., Donnelly, P., McDonald, K., and McIlfatrick, S.

Healthcare use, costs and quality of life in patients with end-stage kidney disease receiving conservative management: results from a multi-centre observational study (PACKS) (2018)

Authors: Phair, G., Agus, A., Brazil, K., Burns, A., Hallahan, S., Normand, C., Roderick, P., Maxwell, AP., Yaqoob, MM., and Noble, H.

The supportive relationship between palliative patients and family caregivers (2018)

Author: Foley, G.

Decision-making among patients and their family in ALS care: a review (2018)

Authors: Foley, G., and Hynes, G.

Evaluating an educational programme for dignity care intervention with community nurses in Ireland (2018)

Authors: Connolly, M., Charnley, K., Collins, R., Barry, C., McIlfatrick, S., Larkin, P., Brenner, M., and Johnston, B.

Quality indicators for Palliative Day Services: A modified Delphi study (2018)

Authors: McCorry, N., O’Connor, S., Leemans, K., Coast, J., Donnelly, M., Finucane, A., Jones, L., Kernohan, W.G., Perkins, P., and Dempster, M.

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