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This page contains links to webinars, podcasts and blog articles produced by AIIHPC Palliative Care Research Network (PCRN) and Early Career Researcher Forum (ECRF) members. If you are a member of our research network or forum and want to share your research experience, knowledge and/or findings using a, podcast or blog article please contact Marie McKeon, AIIHPC Project Manager, for further information: mmckeon@aiihpc.org. If you are interested in delivering a PCRN webinar please contact Clodagh O’Donovan, AIIHPC PCRN Project Manager, codonovan@aiihpc.org.

PCRN Webinars

PCRN Webinar Series: Quality in Palliative care: Connecting the dots  (July2022)

Presenter: Dr Michael Lucey

Understanding Disease Prevalence and Access to Palliative Care  (May 2022)

Presenter: Professor Christopher Lloyd

Qualitative Evidence Synthesis; 10 steps to success   (Feb2021)

Presenter: Dr Maura Dowling

The Journey from Research Evidence to Clinical Guidelines  (Oct2020)

Presenter: Dr Loreena Hill

Palliative Care Future Challenges for Ireland  (Sep2020)

Presenter: Professor Charles Normand

Advance Care Planning - 'Issues raised by the COVID-19 Pandemic (June 2020)

Presenter: Dr John Lombard

HRB Open Research Platform  (May2020)

Presenters: Vicky Hellon & Dr Bridget Johnston

Qualitative Design & Grounded Theory - ’Explaining experiences and processes in palliative care’ (May 2020)

Presenter: Dr Geraldine Foley


ECRF Webinars

Stress First Aid - trying to work during a global pandemic? (Jan 2021)

Presenters: Dr Jennifer Wilson O’Raghallaigh and Dr Vicky Cooper

Health Economics, ‘Economic Studies in Palliative Care: Opportunities and Challenges’, (February 2020)

Presenter: Dr Peter May

Qualitative Studies, ‘Answering the ‘so what’ question: Tips for writing up qualitative research for publication’, (December 2018)

Presenter: Professor Suzanne Guerin


Latest AIIHPC Podcasts

Pet Robots: A New Path for Dementia Care (August 2022)

Presenter: Ms Wei Qi Koh, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, National University Galway Ireland t
Host: Rachel McCauley, ECRF Committee

How art can support palliative care work (April 2022)

Presenter: Gwen Stevenson, Artist on the Heart of Living and Dying project
Host: Rachel McCauley, ECRF Committee

Preparing for PhD viva during COVID-19 (December 2021)

Presenter: Dr Stacey Power Walsh, Assistant Professor School of Nursing and Midwifery, UCD
Host: Rachel McCauley, ECRF Committee

Research into attitudes of clinical nurse specialists who provide children’s palliative care in the community (June 2021)

Presenter: Dr Karie Dennehy, Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services and St James's Hospital
Host: Dr Stacey Power Walsh, ECRF Committee

The heart of living and dying (March 2021)

Presenter: Deirdre McKenna, Southern Health and Social Care Trust
Host: Dr Stacey Power Walsh, ECRF Committee

A daughter’s experience of a parent receiving Palliative Care (December 2020)

Presenter: Dr Marita Hennessy, UCC
Host: Dr Stacey Power Walsh, ECRF Committee

Experiences of supporting education and research in Palliative Care (September 2020)

Presenter: Claire Quinn, NUIG
Host: Dr Stacey Power Walsh, ECRF Committee

Experiences of providing end of life care to patients in their homes during Covid-19 (September 2020)

Presenter: Dr Mary Nevin, DCU
Host: Dr Stacey Power Walsh, ECRF Committee

Experience of living with palliative care needs and the challenges of COVID-19 (September 2020)

Presenter: Dr Deirdre Kelleher, UCD
Host: Dr Stacey Power Walsh, ECRF Committee

Sadly, Deirdre died shortly after making this podcast. We would really like to encourage you to listen to her words of wisdom on research and palliative care and thank her for her generosity of spirit.


Latest PCRN Blog Articles

What do the public know about palliative care and advance care planning in Northern Ireland?

Authors: Professor Sonja McIlfatrick, Ulster University and PCRN member and Dr Deborah Muldrew, Ulster University and ECRF Member
Date of publication: June 2021
Keywords: Palliative Care, Advance care planning, public health, mixed methods

Rethinking supportive relationships among people with life-limiting illness and family caregivers in palliative care

Author: Dr Geraldine Foley, Trinity College Dublin
Keywords: Palliative care, support, relationship, patients, family caregivers, reciprocity, decision making

Palliative Care as a Human Right

Author: Dr  John Lombard, University of Limerick
Keywords: Human Rights, Law, Health, UDHR


Latest ECRF Blog Articles

Music therapy: providing a bridge back to life after loss for informal carers

Author: Dr Kathryn Gillespie, Queen’s University Belfast
Published: September 2022
Keywords: Music therapy, arts-based therapy, end of life, palliative care, bereavement, carers, family

Enhancing dementia care using pet robots; moving research into real-world practice

Author: Ms Wei Qi Koh, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, National University Galway Ireland
Published: June 2022
Keywords: Pet robots, social robots, dementia, social health, assistive technology

Dementia & Technology; tools that can help maintain our relationships are worth exploring

Author: Viktoria Hoel, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, University of Bremen, visiting Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research, National University Galway Ireland
Published: March 2022
Keywords: dementia, personhood, caregiving dyads, technological aids, technology-driven interventions, social connection, social interactions, nurse-resident relationships, relationship-centred care.

Engaging the Young Public with Palliative Care

Author: Dr Anita Mallon, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Queens University Belfast
Date of publication: December 2021
Keywords: Palliative care, public health, young adults, knowledge, attitudes, perception, engagement

Difficult but important conversations: Advance care planning for children receiving palliative care

Author: Karen Carr, Children's Palliative Care Nurse, PhD Researcher, Ulster University
Date of publication: September 2021
Keywords: Palliative care, paediatric, advance care planning, behaviour change, COM-B framework

Volunteers' experiences of providing bereavement care to parents following the diagnosis of a fatal fetal anomaly

Author: Dr Stacey Power Walsh, University College Dublin
Date of publication: June 2021
Keywords: Fatal fetal anomaly, life-limiting condition, bereavement care, peer support, volunteers

eLearning course to help you assess and treat people with palliative care needs experiencing constipation

Author: Dr Deborah Muldrew, Ulster University
Date of publication: April 2021
Keywords: Constipation, Palliative Care, Symptom Management, Educational Resource, eLearning Course

How Can We Better Support Older Male Caregivers?

Author: Dr Anne Fee, Ulster University
Date of publication: February 2021

Palliative care in Intensive Care Units: A PhD Research Study

Author: Yvonne Muldowney
Date of publication: December 2020

High C-Reactive Protein (CRP) as a Predictor of Specialist Palliative Care Needs

Author: Dr Cliona Lorton

Challenges and support needs of parents and children when a parent is at end of life

Authors: Jeffrey R. Hanna, Prof Eilis McCaughan and Dr Cherith Semple 

Needs-based innovation for the management of malignant pleural effusions in the palliative care setting

Authors: Dr Michelle Tierney and Tim Jones  

A Public Health Approach To Palliative Care: Creating Compassionate Communities-PCRFNI Public Lecture

Author: Dr Lisa Graham-Wisener  

Attending a Research Conference: Why bother and how to make it count 

Author: Dr Deborah Muldrew

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