Compassionate Communities

Donna McFadden is Staff Nurse in Foyle Hospice (Derry), and she used her Education and Practice Fellowship Award to visit Severn Hospice in October 2013.

The Hospice operates in a large area of North Wales and the English borders and they developed a pioneering  Compassionate Communities (Co-Co) initiative, which sees volunteers befriending vulnerable adults in their area to reduce the social isolation felt by people living with long-term illness. The initiative was launched in 2010 and is part of the hospices community support strategy.  Donna was keen to visit Severn Hospice to learn more about the Co-Co Initiative as a number of agencies in Derry are interested in establishing a similar pilot project and Foyle Hospice were keen to investigate how they might support them. Donna has written a report of her visit. 

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