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Ethical Framework for End of Life Care

Published in 2011, the framework is an educational resource that aims to foster and support ethically and legally sound clinical practice in end of life treatment and care in Irish hospitals. The framework consists of 8 eight learning modules for health professionals, patients, families and the general public. The Framework is informed by reviews and studies involving hospice, palliative and acute care services commissioned by the Irish Hospice Foundation in the last decade. It also draws on a body of research undertaken in 2007/2008 which addressed ethical issues in relation to end-of-life care in Irish hospitals.

The framework was created out of a collaboration between University College Cork, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the Irish Hospice Foundation with contributions from ethicists, legal experts, sociologists and clinicians. It draws on a range of values and principles identified as important in end-of-life decision making. It is also informed by extensive international research on patient and family experiences of death and dying and from the contributions of health professionals and organisations.

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