National Audit of End-of-Life Care in Hospitals in Ireland, 2008/9

The National Audit raises many questions about the way in which we organise and deliver our health services. It challenges us to consider difficult issues. Issues such as, the role of hospitality in hospitals; the tension between efficient use and compassionate conduct; the extent to which patient-centredness can be realised in highly systems-focused and task-driven facilities; the balance between care in the home and care in an institutional setting.

The picture that emerges from the National Audit is one where admissions to hospital are typically unplanned and uncoordinated and where there is great variability in the quality of care offered to patients with different conditions. At the same time, every effort is made to allow patients die in a single room despite resource constraints, and to facilitate relatives to be with the patient as much as possible right to the end.

Download: National Audit of End-of-Life Care in Hospitals in Ireland, 2008/9

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