Palliative Care Operational Plan 2015

In 2015 the HSE will continue to engage with existing voluntary providers, the Irish Hospice Foundation and the voluntary hospice movement to address the gaps identified in national strategic documents. The HSE, through a stakeholder representative working group, will also carry out a review of existing national strategic and policy documents and develop a new framework which will provide a direction for palliative care services into the future.

As well as continuing to address the gaps in service provision in 2015 the HSE, through the National Clinical Programme for Palliative Care, will place a particular focus on the implementation of a range of quality initiatives. These will help to improve the delivery of palliative care across all settings.

The Integrated Care Programmes (ICPs) are core to operational delivery and reform. Palliative Care recognises the potential for the ICPs to improve integration of services, access and outcomes, and commits to actively supporting the development and implementation of the priority work-streams of the five ICPs in 2015. Two processes will be put in place within the Division to support the implementation of the Performance Accountability Framework, the Quality and Patient Safety Enablement Programme and Children First. The development of a new Service Arrangement for 2015 will also ensure that strengthened governance processes will be in place for funded external service providers. 

Download: Palliative Care Operational Plan 2015

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