Standards framework for children’s palliative care

Giving families real choice is key to the care pathway approach: a choice of place of care, a choice of place of death, a choice of emotional and bereavement support, and putting the child and family at the centre of decision making to produce a care plan that is right for them. Together for Short Lives has published four care pathways:

  • A Neonatal Care Pathway for Babies with Palliative Care Needs (for babies)
  • A Core Care Pathway for Children with Life-threatening and Life-limiting Conditions
  • Stepping Up (a framework for transition to adult services)
  • A Care Pathway to Support Extubation within a Children’s Palliative Care Framework

The document sets out the key standards and also includes self-assessment audit tools relating to these standards, so health professionals can map current service provision and think about how to develop the areas where the standards may not be fully met. Link to resource here

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