Decoding Cancer: Diet and Cancer - Separating Facts from Fiction

The internet is awash with theories on how what you eat can affect your chances of developing and beating a diagnosis of cancer. 

From superfoods to fad diets, much of this information can be misleading and contradictory. This Decoding Cancer talk aims to separate the facts around diet and cancer from the fiction, so that everyone is empowered to make healthy food options based on the best dietary advice for them.

This talk is from the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) and the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI).

‘Diet and Cancer: Separating Facts from Fiction’ is presented by Prof Mike Gibney, Professor of Food and Health at the UCD Institute of Food and Health, UCD. 

With over four decades of experience working in nutritional research and academia, Prof Gibney is well placed to debunk some of the myths around nutrition and diet.

We will also hear from Fiona Roulston RD, Dietitian Manager at St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network, Dublin. A CORU registered professional dietitian, Fiona will discuss the importance of good nutrition during cancer treatment; how to cope with unplanned weight loss and treatment side effects; dietary advice after cancer treatment; and how the public can access dietetic services and reliable nutrition information.

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