Dignity Care Intervention

The overall aim of this service development initiative was to implement and evaluate an intervention delivered by community nurses to help conserve the dignity of people with advanced and life limiting conditions including the frail elderly in community settings.

The Dignity Care Intervention – Ireland (DCI-Ireland) project involved a patient-centered assessment to identify and address key concerns in three main domains:

  1. illness-related concerns;
  2. dignity conserving repertoire;
  3. social dignity inventory.

The intervention was intended to help nurses to identify what patients and carers consider most distressing for the patient and act as a guide in terms of how this distress may be addressed effectively. An evaluation of the intervention was undertaken to determine the relevance and acceptability
of the DCI-Ireland to the local context.


Dr Sonja McIlfatrick and Professor Phil Larkin, were awarded funding from the Irish Hospice Foundation and the Irish Cancer Society to implement and evaluate a dignity care intervention for individuals nearing the end of life in rural versus urban community settings. The dignity care intervention was originally developed, implemented and evaluated by Dr Bridget Johnston and colleagues based in the University of Dundee (Scotland).

DCI Full Report

Executive Summary

The following videos are from the Dignity Care Intervention – Ireland Report launch on the 24 November 2015



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